QBIOS is an automatic test engine dedicated to bioinformatics services. QBIOS provides reliable indicators of quality of service that can be used in workflow management systems and shared to build community based functionalities and WS search engines.

News :
trustable service repository (08/2009)
REST API (08/2009)
documentation started(08/2009)
HPC facility monitoring using Opal 2 (07/2009)
Pure Beanshell execution engine (05/2009)
Taverna 1.7 daemon execution engine (10/2008)
Soaplab 2 service monitoring (06/2008)
Taverna 1.3 execution engine (05/2008)

Publications :

QBIOS shares Bioworkflow Service Status XML Files (BSS) to enable collaborative service monitoring.
<!ELEMENT bioworkflowTest ( service, test ) >

  <!ELEMENT service (host) >
    <!ATTLIST service
      name CDATA #REQUIRED
      type CDATA #REQUIRED
      documentation CDATA #REQUIRED

    <!ELEMENT host EMPTY >
      <!ATTLIST host
        hostName   CDATA #REQUIRED
        port       CDATA #REQUIRED
        serviceUrl CDATA #REQUIRED

  <!ELEMENT test (date, status, testSet+ )>
    <!ATTLIST test
      author     CDATA #REQUIRED
      testSetNb  CDATA #REQUIRED

    <!ELEMENT date EMPTY >
      <!ATTLIST date
        year     CDATA #REQUIRED
        month    CDATA #REQUIRED
        day      CDATA #REQUIRED
        hour     CDATA #REQUIRED
        minute   CDATA #REQUIRED
        second   CDATA #REQUIRED
        gmt      CDATA #REQUIRED

      <!ELEMENT status EMPTY >

        <!ATTLIST status
          value  (OK|DOWN|WARNING) #REQUIRED
          report CDATA #REQUIRED

      <!ELEMENT testSet ( serviceParameters, testEvaluation, executionResult) >
        <!ATTLIST testSet
          id      CDATA #REQUIRED
          passed  (true|false) #REQUIRED

        <!ELEMENT serviceParameters (parametersValue) >
          <!ATTLIST serviceParameters link (true|false) #REQUIRED >

          <!ELEMENT parametersValue ANY >

        <!ELEMENT testEvaluation (evaluationValue) >
          <!ATTLIST testEvaluation type (regexp|length|startswith|isfasta|isfastalist|script) #REQUIRED >
          <!ATTLIST testEvaluation link (true|false) #REQUIRED >
          <!ELEMENT evaluationValue ANY >

        <!ELEMENT executionResult (executionValue) >
          <!ATTLIST executionResult link (true|false) #REQUIRED >
          <!ELEMENT executionValue ANY >
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